SUSTEX promotes the substitution of hazardous chemical products used in the textile finishing industry in Catalonia, which are used to provide various functionalities to textile materials. The aim is to disseminate the opportunities of substitution reducing the environmental impact of its products and processes.


The objectives set within the framework of the project will allow the transition from a linear to a circular economy, reducing the environmental impact and replacing the high concern substances of the life cycle, which will also facilitate the recycling of the products.




Quantitative objectives:

   Reducing 50% the use of substances considered by ECHA as high concern in the textile finishing industry.

   Reducing 60% the environmental impact of finishing processes by replacing them with safer alternatives.

Qualitative objectives:

  To foster capacity building and awareness raising of decision-makers in environmental aspects in order to facilitate the adding of environmental design through its lifecycle.

  To encourage the efficient use of resources, substitution of high concern substances and waste prevention.

  To anticipate to future regulatory changes that may affect the businesses activity. The substitution of substances of high concern from several products will provide companies the security of environmental regulations legal compliance.

  To increase the added value of textile products, as a result of reducing the environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

  To improve products’ quality as it incorporates a sustainable nature into its entire life cycle.

  To improve the image of the companies and their products. Consumers are more and more demanding products that consider environmental aspects throughout their production chain. In this sense, the project will, indirectly, increase the sales of their products.

  To carry out innovation activities in the companies, which will allow finding new solutions and to create new market opportunities.

  To enable companies to access environmentally-correct markets and green procurement.

  To enable accessing to eco-labelling systems for the textile products.

  To improve the competitiveness of the companies participating in the project and, in general, those of the cluster, generating a push-pull effect.

  To generate new innovation and R&D projects at national and European level, which act as drivers of the new economy.

SUSTEX project envisioned impact

SUSTEX is co-funded by:

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