AEI Tèxtils

The Catalan cluster of advanced textile materials


AEI TÈXTILS is a cluster, with a non-profit association structure, formed by companies in the value chain of the advanced textile materials sector in Catalonia and other organizations supporting innovation.

Its main goals are to promote innovation, especially in cooperation; to foster links in the Catalan advanced textile materials sector and to give visibility to the cluster and its members at an international level to boost the green and digital transition.

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Members meeting

AEI Textils organized its regular meeting on 24th January, with the participation of 20 representatives from its members. 

MOOC on circular economy and ecodesign

In the framework of the European project CLEANTEX, in which AEI Tèxtils has participated as a partner, a MOOC has been developed.

February agenda

In February, the cluster will carry out several activities for its members and will participate in several meetings of European projects.

CONTEXT network: last semester in review

CONTEXT, the international network of experts in advanced textile materials, led by AEI TÈXTILS, has been very active during the last semester.

AEI Tèxtils starts the R&D project ZeroF to accelerate the green transition of textile SMEs by developing novel finishings products

AEI Tèxtils is a partner in the project, ZeroF - Development of verified safe and sustainable PFAS-free coatings for food packaging and upholstery textile applications, which started in the virtual kicked off on January 10th together with the European Commission...

Members meeting

AEI Textils members met on 1st December in Barcelona to visit DFactory Barcelona, a hub for the promotion and development of #industry40 and the 3D Incubator, the high technology business incubator for #3DPrinting, followed by a joint lunch.

CINPASA’s “e-shepherd” prototype: a novel smart-tape for agriculture applications

AEI Tèxtils’ member Cintas y Pasamanería, S.A. (CINPASA) recently completed the technical developments of its novel smart electric shepherd tape minimum viable product for agricultural fencing applications. The first prototypes were jointly developed between CINPASA...

AEI Tèxtils starts InTransit to accelerate the green and digital transitions of textile SMEs with 3M€ in cascade funding

AEI Tèxtils, the Catalan Cluster of Advanced Textile Materials, is a partner in the project, InTransit - Strengthening the resilience of textile, aerospace, and construction SMEs to transition towards greener and more digital sectors with social and business...

AEI Tèxtils launches the second edition of the “Road towards digital and green transitions”

Digital transformation and green transition require a complex and overwhelming journey, but necessary to stay at the forefront of competitiveness and to drive future innovations. In general, SMEs in the advanced textile materials’ sector tend to lack resources and...


“The cluster provides us with knowledge, keeps us up to date with technological trends and brings us closer to national and international experts.”


Manager of C.P. Aluart

“In the cluster we share concerns with other companies and collaborate to find solutions.”


Manager of LIASA

“The AEI Tèxtils team is proactive, knows our needs and supports us closely throughout all the process to carry out innovation projects.”


Manager of Polisilk and Etisilk

“It is important to belong to a cluster where the main companies in the sector are located. A network is generated, which provides us with contacts and offers us a very personalized service.”



Manager of Marina Tèxtil

“The success rate of the projects presented to various funding calls with the support of the cluster is very high.”


Manager of Manufacturas Arpe

“AEI Tèxtils helps us to keep up to date with trends in the advanced textile materials sector. As machinery suppliers it is very useful for us to better target our offer.”



Manager of Jose Fuster, S.L.

“Networking and industrial symbiosis to the cluster are key to promote circular economy and recycling in the field of technical textiles, to which we are dedicated.”


Manager of Hilaturas Arnau

“Thanks to AEI Tèxtils we have been able to interact and get to know in depth many local companies and within our sector, exchange knowledge and create synergies.”



Manager of FINSA

“The cluster is such a dynamic engine that opens us the door to many opportunities linked to innovation in our sector, as well as to all the financial support programs that the different administrations have open.”


Manager of CINPASA

“AEI Tèxtils offers us the possibility of having access to R&D&I or internationalization projects that would be impossible to carry out individually. All this, within an environment that promotes the transformation of competition between companies into collaborations that bring shared benefits.”


Manager of Lumaquin, S.A.

“As a University Institute for Textile Research that we are, belonging to AEI Tèxtils represents an opportunity and is a competitive advantage, since it allows us to keep up to date about different funding calls and also to get in touch with potential partners for future projects.”


Director of INTEXTER

“The cluster has managed to bring together a powerful association of companies that represent the present and the future of the technical textile industry.
Being present in this group opens the doors to potential collaborations and motivates us to find new challenges for our company. “



Thanks to the collaboration and innovation framework of the cluster, we better understand the needs of advanced textile manufacturing companies to better offer solutions that optimize their production and logistic processes.”


Product Manager of MACCION

“AEI Tèxtils not only gives us a very broad view of projects in the sector, but also makes it easier for us to access them successfully. Participation in projects and missions allows us to expand the range of opportunities and learn about trends in the sector.”



“As suppliers of auxiliary products, in the cluster we find the family that gives us access to valuable information on the needs and lines of work of our sector.”



Managing Director of TANATEX Chemicals Ibérica, S.L.U.

“Being part of the cluster allows us to share synergies and objectives with other entities to develop new projects and proposals for the future.”





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