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Development of verified safe and sustainable PFAS-free coatings for food packaging and upholstery textile applications

Program: Horizon Europe

Participation of AEI TÈXTILS: Partner. Consortium led by VTT (Finland), with the participation of 2 members of AEI Tèxtils: LEITAT and E.CIMA.  Other partners in the consortium: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft /  Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) / Kemira / Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna / IDEAconsult / LGI /  Yangi / TEMAS Solution.

Start date: January 2023

End date: December 2025


The project aims to develop safe and sustainable coating products to replace compounds containing fluorinated substances (PFAS), both in the packaging and textile sectors.

The developed coatings will have limited water absorption, high oil/grease resistance for packaging and high water and oil repellency for textiles. To reach the environmental impact target of >25% improvement, we use renewable feedstock, non-toxic compounds and improve higher process efficiencies. PFAS are replaced by two chemistries: cellulose fatty acid esters for packaging and silane-based organic-inorganic hybrids for textiles.

Once the products are developed, data will be analyzed to calculate environmental impacts (life cycle assessment, life cycle cost and environmental footprint) and toxicology (e.g. hazards and laws, principles of green toxicology). The certification and regulatory roadmap will be developed to identify future regulatory needs and knowledge gaps.

The consortium includes a combination of industrial and research partners capable of covering the value chains of both packaging and textile coatings, including end users.

The role of AEI Tèxtils is to facilitate collaboration with the industry for its subsequent replication.

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