LIASA launches its first online accessories store


LIASA, member of the cluster, launched the Twist-Twist product inspired by the cord, their raison d’être as manufacturers for other textile, fashion or packaging companies.

Twist-Twist  is an ear guard that in a short time has become the Best Seller of a new e-commerce project that was presented in November: Cord-on Shop.

The Twist – Twist product became an icon and bestseller and represented the beginning of a large collection of accessories that are already on the website.

“The success of our Twist-twist ear guard, added to the fact that this year we have not been able to leave home to look for gifts with the calm and enthusiasm they deserve, have inspired us to create our digital boutique. Accessories make fashion. The Cord-on Shop raison d’être are sets created by our stylists and external fashion consultants, so that you can combine colours and textures.

We can’t travel, but Cordon Shop, with its international network, does it for you. Having a century of history in the world of trends is an exciting challenge that has flowed fabulously”- Says Jaime Cabré, Vice President of LIASA group and 4th lead generation.

In the online store you can find collections for women, men and children. Christmas sets, collections for father and son, or mother and daughter for them to look the same, and fashion accessories with multiple details. Maximum quality, several ideas and with shipments available throughout Spain.

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