GALACTICA project releases three sectoral analysis


GALACTICA project, led by AEI Tèxtils, has just released the three sectoral analysis including the results of the sectoral survey launched during the last quarter. Those reports underline that the textile and the aerospace industry face similar challenges in the present and future. The three studies converge in their message: advanced manufacturing and digitalization are an essential part of the challenges and at the same time of the solution. In particular, the focus should be on new production processes that support the development of advanced materials and Industry 4.0 in general. In addition, there is still a serious skill shortage related to these topics and the implementation in the industry is lagging behind partly existing strategies.

All sectors are highly linked through the need to develop sustainable materials, products and increase the environmental performance of production processes.

Besides, the COVID-19 crisis revealed -especially for the aerospace sector- the necessity to develop new hygienic solutions and concepts, which generates a focus on innovative surfaces and textiles.

The three report main findings and conclusions revealed that the GALACTICA project, with all foreseen activities, can provide effective support to potentially overcome the barriers and to create new cooperation and new value chains between companies and organizations of the involved sectors.

The reports can be downloaded here:

Document summary

Annex I – Mapping and need analysis – Textile

Annex II – Mapping and need analysis – Aerospace

Annex III – Mapping and need analysis – Advanced manufacturing

Annex IV – Coaching Guidelines

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