C.P. ALUART presents its smart textile prototype for personal protection


C.P. ALUART has concluded the SMART-WORKWEAR project after 12-months of joint developments with Titera, which resulted in a fully functional prototype of a smart skin-contact garment that measures the users’ physiological conditions in real time.

The project was made possible thanks to the financial and technical support from SmartEEs, a European acceleration program, co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R&D&I programme, aiming to support European companies to pursue new market opportunities by developing novel products integrating flexible electronics.

Harsh conditions, such as high temperature or moisture environments outdoor and industrial workers face, can accrue risks for workers causing fatigue or even heat strokes that can lead to accidents on duty. Heat exhaustion causes a significant economic loss of labor in sick days and in healthcare costs.

The solution developed; the SMART-WORKWEAR prototype provides an active monitoring system embedded on the first-layer of a comfortable garment that integrates a set of flexible sensors to assess the physiological strain index (PSI) connected with integrated wearable, washable, flexible conductor and with a raw data processing and visualization system for demonstration purposes.

The SMARK-WORKEAR opens up new possibilities to C.P. Aluart towards smart textiles/wearables end-uses, contributing to broaden its portfolio of products.

C.P. Aluart, as member of AEI Textils, received valuable support that was key in the implementation and further success of the project.

The cluster, with know-how in the advanced textile materials’ sector and with expertise in strategic re-orientation within this field, will continue collaborating with C.P. Aluart towards novel developments and further scaling-up.

A promotional video has been produced to showcase the SMART-WORKWEAR added-value.

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