We have published a state of the art report on low environmental impact fibers


AEI Tèxtils has published a state of the art report dedicated to fibers with low environmental impact.

The report comprises, within a total of 45 pages, a description of the main characteristics, properties and producers of natural fibers from vegetable origin (cotton, linen, jute, etc.) and from animal origin (wool, alpaca), organic man-made fibers from natural polymers (PLA, alginate, bamboo viscose, orange, mint, milk, etc.) and from synthetic polymers (recycled polyester, etc.).

Dr. Marta Casadesús and Dr. Ariadna Detrell, Project Manager and Cluster Manager respectively, from AEI Tèxtils, have developed the study for the cluster members.

The publication of this study addresses the transversal strategic axis of sustainability in which the cluster has been working for 6 years, with various projects and initiatives aimed at:

  • Promoting eco-design with case studies (ECODISTEX).
  • Supporting the substitution process of hazardous chemicals in textile finishing (FLAREXMIDWORSUSTEX).
  • Identifying barriers to circular economy within the sector and designing approaches to overcome them (CIRCULARTECH).
  • Generating opportunities for industrial symbiosis (PACTEX).
  • Providing international visibility to cluster members by showcasing their experiences at international events.

Thanks to the several actions and projects implemented and to the custom support provided by the cluster team, several of its members have started their own circular economy projects.

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