Tints i Laminats Orient launches a new line of fabrics “CB-20: Antiviric Textiles”


Tints i Laminats Orient, member of the cluster, launches the new line of fabrics pending patent “CB-20: Antiviric Textiles”.

The company claims that the fabric is able to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in 5 minutes and that it has an antiviral efficiency of 99.98% after 100 washes. CB-20 is designed to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi. This finishing product does not contain silver particles or heavy metals and stands out for being totally sustainable and environmentally friendly.

CB-20 can be used in different sectors and is excellent for sanitary use. It allows to achieve totally safe and waterproof fabrics, acting as a barrier against viruses. It is ideal for making surgical gowns, mattress protectors, hospital curtains, sheets, sanitary pajamas, cloths and coverings for surgical materials.

CB-20 reduces the risk of infection and viral load, providing more security to health personnel, patients and users.

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