Our member Technitiger explains its ecodesign and circular economy case at the conference “Ecodesign applied to the industry”


The company Technitiger, member of the cluster, took part, on November 19th, at the virtual conference “Ecodesign applied to industry. Concept, opportunities and new trends”.

The session was organized by the Regional Council of Bages, Manresa City Council, and Symbiosis.

Technitiger manufactures fabrics designed to protect people from thermal hazards. Anna Rovira, responsible for the company’s sustainability projects, made the presentation: “Ecodesign and circular economy in technical protective clothing”, as a practical case study from the project that the company is implementing with funding from the Catalan Waste Agency within the program for Promotion of the Circular Economy.

Technitiger’s project aims to close the loop of their products, so that the garments made with its fabrics can return to the company after their lifetime to reintroduce this waste back into the production chain. In parallel, Technitiger is redesigning the current garments to improve their recyclability, extend their lifetime and minimize the generation of waste.

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