The handbook of industrial symbiosis between the textile and packaging sectors has been released


AEI Tèxtils and the Packaging Cluster have released a handbook of industrial symbiosis between the textile and packaging sectors which was developed within the framework of the PACTEX project and features proposals and innovative measures to reuse and reduce industrial waste.

The PACTEX project, driven by both clusters, is based on the framework of industrial ecology and industrial symbiosis models in order to achieve, within each cluster sectors, a transition towards a circular and low carbon economy. This action has had the technical support from Technologial Center and co-funding from the Catalan Waste Agency.

The project has analysed industrial waste from several companies in both clusters in order to promote efficient use of materials, proposing innovative measures to reuse and reduce industrial waste. Likewise, the handbook aims at facilitating the awareness raising of the circular economy in the industry,  in order to bring  the industrial symbiosis closer in reaching the goals set by the European Commission in 2030.

The project included the analysis of waste and raw materials used in the production processes of the companies from each cluster in order to define the synergic proposals highlighted in the guide. In total, 20 companies participated in the study and enabled the identification of 10 solutions that are applicable and viable across both sectors at industrial scale.

The  handbook highlights these new solutions, including one that has been selected for further funding in the framework of the circular economy call from the Catalan Waste Agency, where the textile company LIASA will supply its waste yarn residues to NG Plastics for processing it as raw material in its manufacturing process.

Lastly, the textile and packaging sectors are highly relevant in Catalonia region representing 4,868 companies and 6.7% of GDP. Hence, the main outcome is aimed at raising awareness about the potential solutions available to minimize the use of raw materials and to take advantage of industrial waste in sectors of activity that are very relevant to the territory.

View the Handbook (only Catalan version)

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