AEI TÈXTILS’ members meet at Filats Gonfaus


On Wednesday, December 19th, several members of the technical textiles cluster of Catalonia, AEI Tèxtils, met in Puig-Reig, where the company Filats Gonfaus has its production plant.

The meeting began with a visit to the company facilities, followed by a meal.

Gonfaus is a conventional cotton spinning mill with more than 50 years of experience in the textile sector. Currently, it is specialized in technical yarns, with 3 production lines to develop yarns of several materials (100% or blends).

This is the fifth members’ meeting that takes place at the headquarters of one of them. In previous occasions, the members of AEI Tèxtils have m visited the facilities of La Industrial Algodonera – LIASA, Manufactures Industrials de Tortellà – MITSA, Pont, Aurell y Armengol S.A and S.A. Hilados Egarfil.

The aim of these meetings is to promote knowledge and the relationship among the cluster members, share experiences and generate synergies.

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