CIRCULARTECH report has been published, to promote circular economy in the advanced textile materials’ sector


AEI Tèxtils has completed the project CIRCULARTECH, a study to promote circular economy in the advanced textile materials’ sector.

The project, carried out together with LEITAT Technology Center (member of the cluster), has been co-financed by the Circular Economy Promotion program of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

The objective of CIRCULARTECH was to develop an analysis of the application of circular economy in the sector, deepening the degree of knowledge and the application of the concept and the existing barriers. It counted with the collaboration of various stakeholders of the sector at Catalan level, including several AEI Tèxtils’ members.

Specific actions currently being implemented by 10 cluster members were also identified.

The different initiatives of the cluster’ members included symbiosis between companies or creation of new products by the same company, using its own waste, adaptation of processes to minimize energy expenses or waste generation, installation of equipment to minimize pollution or dependence on non-renewable energy sources, among others. The results were summarized in the following document (Catalan version):

CIRCULARTECH complements the different projects that AEI Tèxtils has carried out in the last 7 years to provide direct support to its members fostering the green transition, one of the cluster’ priorities.

To disseminate the initiatives of the cluster and to promote the activities of its members, AEI Tèxtils launched a video (watch video) and, on April, held the webinar: ”For a more sustainable textile industry: the green transition”.

Currently, the cluster continues working on the topic, with the execution of SUSTEX project, to promote the substitution of hazardous chemicals in the textile finishing processes and collaborating with three projects carried out by its members, within the framework of the Promotion of Circular Economy 2019 program of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

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