The following actions will be implemented in the framework of the project:

Action 1: Contact with the participant companies and key stakeholders

Presentation of the study, objectives and motivations of the project in order to engage companies to take active role in the study development.

Dissemination of a survey as a resource to gather general information about the key aspects. Contact with 10 companies willing to participate in the study development by providing more detailed insights.

Main stakeholders in the technical textiles’ sector will be identified and contacted to gather valuable insights to the analysis.

Action 2: Development of data collection tools:

Preparation of the data gathering guidelines and methodology:

  • Definition of key points and script for the interview in order to gather insights from main stakeholders.
  • Preparation of an initial survey and a “check-list”/diagnosis tool for the visits to the companies.

Action 3: Data gathering

Gathering of information from the surveys and the interviews to identify insights on industry barriers to apply eco-design strategies and industry opportunities.

Some potential opportunities that will be indentified may include strategies that the sector may apply to reduce the material consumption, the use of materials with low environmental impact, the reduction of the environmental impact on production, the industrial symbiosis or waste recycling approaches.

Action 4: Identification of major insights and preparation of the sectoral guide of circular economy opportunities

All the insights obtained will be analyzed and added in the final guide. A environmental, economic and social benefit assessment will be conduced agains the baseline for the different case studies identified.

Besides replicable solutions already being used in the industry, the study aims also to raise awareness of other potential implementable solutions with their quantification of environmental, economic and social benefits.

Action 5: Editing of the final document

Editing the final document compiling the data and results obtained during the project.

Action 6: Communication and Workshop to present the results

Activities that will be implemented includes:

  • Dissemination at the beginning of the study in order to engage companies in the sector.
  • Dissemination of the results obtained to raise awareness to companies about opportunities to apply the solutions/actions proposed.

At the end of the study,  a workshop will be organized to present the study results.

CIRCULARTECH is co-funded by:

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