AEI Tèxtils reviewed its internationalization plan with its European partners in Terrassa


AEI Tèxtils hosted from 17th to 20th June three European projects aimed at internationalization of its members, in order to plan upcoming activities for its associated SMEs in order to boost their competitiveness and provide directed support.

Internationalization is a key axis in the strategic plan of AEI Tèxtils, for that, the cluster has discussed and scheduled the following activities:

In May 2023, it will support financially a delegation of 3 SMEs together with a member of the cluster team to USA to visit Raleigh and Techtextil North America in Atlanta. This business mission is framed within TEXGLOBAL project and is part of the European delegation of around 16 SMEs. This will be the second in-person mission organized by this project after the successful completion of Mexico mission last year.

In June 2023, the cluster will support its members in internationalization within Europe in the framework of Hi-Tech-TEX project, aimed at improving capacities of cluster management. The calendar of activities includes the participation in ITMA in Milan, a major trade fair in the textile sector machinery, where AEI Tèxtils will have a booth and will provide travel support to its members through the ClusterXChange program of Hi-Tech-TEX. In addition, it also aims to promote the participation in the 6th International Conference on Natural Fibers in Madeira, also in June 2023.

Lastly, the cluster has also discussed the plan for the upcoming mission to Canada through ADMANTEX2i project, which is coordinated by AEI Tèxtils. This mission will be the second of the project after the success in California earlier this year. The mission to Canada will focus on Montreal on November 6th to 10th with dedicated agendas for SMEs participating. A dedicated call for financial support will be launched in early June, open to cluster members only.

Other activities foreseen for the upcoming years include a mission to Japan in March 2024 also funded through ADMANTEX2i project and to Australia and Middle East through Euroclusters.

AEI Tèxtils has a strong internationalization focus embedded in its strategic plan, as a major pillar. Hence, it is involved in different projects to support SMEs in identifying and exploiting growth opportunities worldwide through activities such as partnering missions, matchmaking events, cross-partnership webinars, circular economy business models, digitalization driver and cross-cultural approach, and lessons in building industrial resilience.

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