AEI Tèxtils presented GALACTICA’s open call during the cascade funding webinar organized by Textile ETP


AEI Tèxtils participated in the webinar organized by Textile ETP on March 31st to present the first call for proposals of GALACTICA project which is open until May 19th 2021. The webinar focused on cascade funding opportunities from different EU projects to support textile SME innovation in different fields.

The webinar started with an overview of the experience of Textile ETP with SmartX project and the benefits cascade funding has for textile SMEs thanks to its simplified access to funding with lump sums and coaching support.

Then, Josep Casamada, Project Manager at AEI Tèxtils and coordinator of the GALACTICA project, presented the first call for proposals that has a budget of 1.2 M€ to support cross-sectoral innovation between textile, aeronautics/aerospace and advanced manufacturing.  The call includes two financial instruments: pioneer acceleration support with 20k€ lump-sum and coaching for 4 months open to single SME and consortia, and orbital projects support with 100k€ lump-sum contribution and coaching for 6 months targeting cross-sectoral consortia of SMEs.

Next, the projects ELIIT and SMARTEES presented their open calls for technology transfer into the textile sector and for development of smart textile experiments, respectively. The session concluded with a Q&A section to clarify questions about the different open calls.

The recording of the webinar is available here.

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