AEI Tèxtils launches the second edition of the “Road towards digital and green transitions”


Digital transformation and green transition require a complex and overwhelming journey, but necessary to stay at the forefront of competitiveness and to drive future innovations.

In general, SMEs in the advanced textile materials’ sector tend to lack resources and knowledge needed to do it by themselves.

In order to facilitate the process, AEI Tèxtils invites the companies in the sector to join the road to digital and green transition, in this second edtition, as a collaboration journey to move forward their transition plans.

By participating in the Road, SMEs will receive training and support, peer-learning among cluster CEOs, networking opportunities and visits to state-of-the-art demo/pilot facilities.

Therefore, together with the participating SMEs, the cluster will actively co-create the program activities to focus on what is important for each one. We will put SMEs in the front-seat to kickstart and direct their own transition processes.

Co-creation and networking are two of the cluster pillars to strengthen the sector and facilitating the transition process.

Seven cluster members have already participated at the first edition, from July’21 to June’22, which included webinars, workshops, a learning expedition to Portugal and an individual implementation plan for each company.

How will the companies benefit from participating in the Road?

They will get the knowledge and acquire the required tools to implement the digital and green transitions.

Additionally, they will identify good practices and ideas ready to implement, find “tested” providers of technology reviewed by other cluster members, access reduced fees for consultants.

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