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AEI Tèxtils participated at Techtextil 2024 from April 23th to 26th with a joint booth with several of its members: FINSA, Pont Aurell y Armengol, Hilados Egarfil, Technitiger, VTS Technical Textiles, Laminats Orient, Velutex Flock, Hilaturas Arnau and Polisilk.

Internationalization is key area of the cluster revised strategy addressing two major objectives: increasing the competitiveness of its members with facilitated access to third country markets and increasing visibility of its members at international level thanks to the cluster participation in key events, both in Europe and internationally.

Techtextil is the major trade fair for advanced textile materials and this edition counted with 102 participating nations, around 38,000 visitors and 1700 exhibitors. Hence, the joint participation promoted SMEs internationalization and increased the positioning of the Catalan advanced textile materials’ sector.

In addition to cluster members participating in the joint booth, this year 10 cluster members have also participated with their own booth: MITSA, Grobelastic, E. CIMA, Marina Textil, C.P. Aluart, Tanatex Chemicals, Tecstar Fiber, Incabo, Rosich y Puigdengolas and ANTEX.

During the four days in the trade fair, AEI Tèxtils organized and facilitated a series of activities to promote the networking of its members, offering space for meetings within its booth for cluster members without it, and organized informal networking and cocktails to facilitate interaction among the members and with other partners of the cluster.

The cluster hosted tours from the  Textile ETP on High performance fibers and from ECOSYSTEX community of practice, both targeting European stakeholders in innovation community, where AEI Tèxtils presented its activities and the Regiogreentex project as well as some of its members within the booth. AEI Tèxtils also organized a tour for the textile engineering students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia to present the Catalan ecosystem of advanced textile materials and the ADDTEX hub for sustainability and upskilling in Catalan textile industry.

In addition, AEI Tèxtils also promoted the positioning of the Catalan advanced textile materials sector with a presentation in the Techtextil Forum of the different initiatives the cluster and its members are conducting in relation to sustainability and circular economy, highlighting the synergies of the Catalan textile industry and their good practices.

Lastly, the cluster is organizing the webinar “Panorama Techtextil 24” on May 21st to summarize major trends and innovations that were featured during this edition of the trade fair, as an exclusive service for its members.

These activities complement preparatory actions the cluster has taken over the past month such as the pre-Techtextil event in Terrassa on April 10th to engage and foster networking among cluster members with international stakeholders from Portugal, Italy and France in the frame of ADMANTEX2i final event. In this Pre-Techtextil, AEI Tèxtils facilitated a speed dating session among the participants to have brief introduction among each other and to seed potential collaborations.

AEI Tèxtils is supporting internationalization of its members through different projects, deploying added value services such as joint missions with custom agendas. Its current calendar includes missions to Australia in November 2024 and to Arabia Saudi in February 2025.

Projects are tools for the cluster to support strategically its members with services and pilot actions such as organization of business missions, facilitating networking and matchmaking services for its members with international partners.

The different projects aim to support SMEs in identifying and exploiting growth opportunities worldwide through activities such as partnering missions, matchmaking events, cross-partnership webinars, circular economy business models, digitalization driver and cross-cultural approach, and lessons in building industrial resilience.

The booth at Techtextil was an opportunity for the cluster to showcase some of these strategic projects, such as ADDTEX, Regiogreentex, Admantex2i, xBUILD- EU and ZeroF.

Clusters, like AEI Tèxtils, are great connectors and facilitators for the industrial ecosystem to promote, facilitate, and support the innovation process of its members, fostering the green transition and digital transformation, as a key contribution to the increase the competitiveness of the advanced textile materials sector and its members.

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LIFE-CIRTECHTEX presentation

LIFE-CIRTECHTEX presentation

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AEI Tèxtils fosters the circular economy in the advanced textiles materials’ sector

AEI Tèxtils fosters the circular economy in the advanced textiles materials’ sector

AEI Tèxtils has started the TEX-r-HUB project (a hub for recycling textiles for technical use in Catalonia), co-funded by the Waste Agency of Catalonia within the framework of the Promotion of the Circular Economy program. The aim of the project is to develop a sectoral study to promote the circular economy in the advanced textile materials sector in Catalonia, connecting companies in the ecosystem to facilitate the circularity of the sector.

The project aims to generate a circularity boost for the sector, mainly composed of SMEs, as new opportunities will be seeded for them to contribute to the reduction of environmental impact. The existence of a sectoral hub focused on textile recycling allows companies to manage their surplus more efficiently, to share knowledge, etc.

The first sept will be the development of a database of companies and stakeholders involved in the recycling value chain of advanced textile materials, identifying their technical recycling capabilities and their existing challenges for scaleup and growth.

Then, the cluster will invite the stakeholders to a series of co-creation sessions in order to develop a long-term strategy and workplan to scale the network into a recycling hub. The result will be a technical and economic feasibility study of the solutions proposed by the hub in Catalonia.

AEI Tèxtils has previously implemented several projects related circular economy, co-funded by previous calls from the same program of the Catalan Waste Agency.

TEX-r-HUB is the next step in the green transition with a clear sectoral orientation in developing a tool for companies to facilitate recycling.

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