5 SMEs participating in the “Road” visited digitalization success cases in the Portuguese textile ecosystem


Digital transformation and green transition require a complex and overwhelming journey, but necessary to stay at the forefront of competitiveness and to drive future innovations. In general, SMEs in the advanced textile materials’ sector tend to lack resources and knowledge needed to do it by themselves.

In order to facilitate the process, AEI Tèxtils launched this summer a new service, “the Road to digital and green transition”, as a collaboration journey to move forward their transition plans.

Participants in the Road receive training and support to define their journey in addition to peer-learning among cluster CEOs.

Last month, AEI Tèxtils organized, with the support from the Portuguese Textile Cluster, a learning expedition to Portugal customized for participants in the Road. This mission was fully addressed to the interest of the participants and aimed at visiting hands-on digitalization examples in textile companies in Portugal. In total, 5 Catalan SMEs (E.CIMACINPASALIASAFINSA and ACABATS 2013) and 2 representatives from the cluster joined the mission.

During 3 days, participants had the chance to visit and exchange experiences about the digital transition, challenges and how to overcome them with frontrunner Portuguese companies such as TMG AutomotiveTintex (HATA), RIOPELE and SOMELOS. In addition, the expedition also visited CITEVE and CENTI, the two key technological centers for the sector in Portugal.

AEI Tèxtils’ aims to promote, facilitate, and support the innovation process of its members, fostering the green transition and digital transformation, as a key contribution to the increase the competitiveness of the advanced textile materials sector and its members.

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