We are participating in a training for our staff to excel in skills and know-how towards excellence


The European Cluster Strategic Partnership for Excellence, CLAMTEX – Cluster management towards excellence in Advanced Manufacturing and Textile Industry, led by AEI Tèxtils, has organized an 80h capacity building program for the clusters in the consortium.

The training is divided in seven key strategic topics for cluster staff to improve their services towards excellence. The areas covered include strategy and leadership, data tools for management, communication tools, creative and interactive facilitation tools, innovation management and monitoring, facilitation of circular economy, and leadership and tools for digital transformation.

This capacity building, organized by CLAMTEX partnership, will improve the overall services offered to advanced textile materials’ and advanced manufacturing companies in Southern Europe. The training started on mid-March and will last until end of June 2021.

All staff from AEI Tèxtils will be involved in the training with special emphasis on the key aspects for each role. This aims in increasing the quality of the services provided and continue strengthening the AEI Tèxtils team competencies to continue supporting our members in the advanced textile materials’ sector in Catalonia.

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