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Camí de les Comes, 4
08274 Sant Feliu Sasserra

Tel.: +34 93 881 92 24
E-mail: info@textiltorne.com

Torné Grup is a group of companies specialised in the manufacture of gauze and cotton fabrics for different uses:

Teixits Torné is the parent company of the group. We are specialised in the manufacture of cotton gauze for industrial reinforcement, especially for adhesive companies.

Torné Tèxtil is the new company of the group, through which we work in the other lines: fashion sector, where, through our brand TNTEX, we manufacture interlinings and basic fabrics for clothing; and the food sector where, through our brand LACTOTEX, we manufacture drapes, fabrics and other specialised products for the food industry.

Our factory is located in the town of Sant Feliu Sasserra, in the province of Barcelona. We have three halls, two of which are used for production and one for storage, with a total of 2000 m2. We have a team of 12 people.

We currently have a line of fashion products manufactured under the concept of circular economy, using the cotton waste that we generate during the production process, which we reuse to make new fabrics and thus be able to weave new interlinings. As well as a line of recycled fabrics for fashion made of different materials such as textile, cotton, polyester and wool. Fruit of a joint work with other companies in the area.

We are starting a new sustainability project with multicoloured fibres, in order to give a second life to this waste that nobody wants and that is one of the big problems in the fashion world.

We are a company involved in the projects of the territory and we are open to participate in the collaborations that may arise.

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