PACTEX: Establishing synergies between the textile and packaging industries for the exchange of raw materials and resources, and the design of new products in the context of circular and innovative economy

Program: Projects promoting circular economy, Catalan Waste Agency (ARC)

Participation of AEI TÈXTILS: Coordinator, in cooperation with the Packaging Cluster

Start date: September 2016

End date: June 2017


The project aims to establish synergies between the companies of both clusters and foster among them the effective use of material resources by reducing industrial waste at source, reuse of products, improving recyclability and recovery of waste.

Initially, there will be a detailed identification of the type of material resources and residues generated by companies in both sectors. Once this initial diagnosis is completed a series of improvements and innovative measures (technological and or non-technological) will be proposed to be adopted by companies to achieve a better reuse of material resources and reduce the generation of industrial waste. An assessment of the technical, economic and environmental each of the proposals and measures proposed will also be performed.

Finally, there will be a selection of the most appropriate measures, to test them and prove that they are technically, economically and environmentally viable.

The results of the project and all suggestions for improvement and innovative measures proposed will be gathered in a sector guide.

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