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C/Via Romana s/n
E-17450 Hostalric

Tel.: + 34 972 86 40 00
E-mail: orient@laminatesorient.eu

In Orient we develop and manufacture technical fabrics with a high added value with different types of coatings, resins, foams and textile laminates. We also perform dyeing, bleaching and finishing on knitted  fabrics.

We count with a long-standing tradition of more than 90 years in the textile sector, which has given us a consolidated experience. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to manufacture articles for a wide range of sectors, such as the home, health, hospitality, outdoors and automotive, among others.

We also offer different types of treatments and finishing (fire-retardant, breathable, waterproof, antiviral…) to meet all our customers’ needs.

  1. Long tradition and experience in the textile sector of more than 90 years.
  2. Development of own brand CB-20 ®, protected by two patents. It is a sustainable finishing, which enables to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi with up to 99.99% efficiency.
  3. We have a R+D+I department that allows us to innovate in techniques and processes to convert each material and finishing into novel and effective solutions.
  4. We are committed to quality and sustainability in all our manufacturing processes. In addition, we work with sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable products. We are STEP (Sustainable Textile Production) certified by Oeko-*Tex, guaranteeing respect for the environment and social responsibility.
  5. We have our own water treatment plant.

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