New video to promote our members’ activities during COVID-19 crisis


AEI Tèxtils has just released a promotional video to highlight some of the examples within the cluster on how different members have adapted their production and products to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.

The cluster wants to express the pride to count with a group of companies and organizations that have been able to tackle the circumstances in these difficult moments. They are taking action to respond to the health system needs.

This video features several of AEI Tèxtils’ members, both industrial companies and research centers, and their approach, challenges and opportunities they are addressing.

The cluster at large is highly involved in this crisis and has held several virtual meetings in order to share best practices, concerns and exchange of ideas on how to tackle particular effects of COVID-19 within manufacturing sites.

AEI Tèxtils keeps working for supporting its members. In the last weeks, the cluster has implemented several measures, such as: informing and advising on issues related to the manufacture of products for medical or health uses; promoting the interaction among our members to boost complementarities; working on the preparation of project proposals to support increasing the competitiveness of our members: and remaining active within our international network, through the European Economic Interest Grouping EU-TEXTILE2030 and CONTEXT. These enables being in contact with other organizations and experts at European level, to share experiences, contacts, knowledge, etc. that can help us respond to the needs of our members.

The release of the video is the first action of the new communication plan that is being implemented by the cluster to increase the visibility of its members.

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