AEI Tèxtils participated in the co-creation session from the European Comission on the textile transition pathway


AEI Tèxtils participated, on 6th September, at the co-creation session of the textile ecosystem transition pathway, leading the group of digital manufacturing within the digital transition workshop.

AEI Tèxtils presented the different best practices in digitalization for the textile industry such as the organization of the CLAMTEX Virtual Marketplace, the capacity building organized at the Digital Capability Center in Aachen earlier this year also framed within CLAMTEX, and the upcoming opportunities with the new Eurocluster projects.

The session dynamics included a brief introduction by policy representatives from the Directorate General of Grow from the European Commission, co-creation methodology by ITA and ETP and then participants were divided into breakout groups to discuss challenges, needs and targets for each field of digitalization prioritized by the EC. Then experts such as AEI Tèxtils presented best practices abovementioned before finalizing the co-creation of activities to overcome digitalization challenges.

AEI Tèxtils led the group on Digital Manufacturing in this workshop thanks to its strong background in supporting Catalan textile companies in the digital transition facilitating financing through cascade funding programs and skills and network through the cluster service: “La Ruta”. Digitalization is a key priority for AEI Tèxtils as transversal topic across its strategy.

Clusters act as a hub and as a collaborative environment to facilitate partnership between enterprises, research institutes, policy makers and other institutions that promote innovation and provide SMEs access to new knowledge competencies, resources and markets.

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LIFE-CIRTECHTEX presentation

LIFE-CIRTECHTEX presentation

The LIFE-CIRTECHTEX project is presented as a success story at the conference on circular economy in the textile sector.

AEI Tèxtils fosters the circular economy in the advanced textiles materials’ sector

AEI Tèxtils fosters the circular economy in the advanced textiles materials’ sector

AEI Tèxtils has started the TEX-r-HUB project (a hub for recycling textiles for technical use in Catalonia), co-funded by the Waste Agency of Catalonia within the framework of the Promotion of the Circular Economy program. The aim of the project is to develop a sectoral study to promote the circular economy in the advanced textile materials sector in Catalonia, connecting companies in the ecosystem to facilitate the circularity of the sector.

The project aims to generate a circularity boost for the sector, mainly composed of SMEs, as new opportunities will be seeded for them to contribute to the reduction of environmental impact. The existence of a sectoral hub focused on textile recycling allows companies to manage their surplus more efficiently, to share knowledge, etc.

The first sept will be the development of a database of companies and stakeholders involved in the recycling value chain of advanced textile materials, identifying their technical recycling capabilities and their existing challenges for scaleup and growth.

Then, the cluster will invite the stakeholders to a series of co-creation sessions in order to develop a long-term strategy and workplan to scale the network into a recycling hub. The result will be a technical and economic feasibility study of the solutions proposed by the hub in Catalonia.

AEI Tèxtils has previously implemented several projects related circular economy, co-funded by previous calls from the same program of the Catalan Waste Agency.

TEX-r-HUB is the next step in the green transition with a clear sectoral orientation in developing a tool for companies to facilitate recycling.

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