EuroBoosTEX – Joint European Initiative in Textile Industry for Europe’s recovery boosting digital and green transition

Programa: SMP

Participación de la AEI TÈXTILS: Partner. Consortium led by ATEVAL. Other 3 partners: Portuguese Textile Cluster (CITEVE), Techtera, NTT.

Fecha inicio: September 2022

Fecha fin: August 2025


The project aims to drive change and make European textile value chains more resilient after pandemic providing SMEs a set of tools to improve their innovation potential, technological uptake, skills, and internationalization.

EuroBoosTex will develop portfolio of services to attract talent to textile industry, innovate for strategic autonomy, enhance SMEs to develop new products or processes with financial support though innovate vouchers to promote cohesion and strengthen the EU’s resilience and recovery.

EuroBoosTex will launch a set of calls for proposals with 1.05M€ lump-sums for:

  • Launching new products of services to market with 15k€ lump-sum
  • Adopting processes and technologies through strategic collaborations- Projects of 60k€ to run pilots and adopt digital and green technologies.
  • Going international with vouchers of 12k€ to support market access, contacts with local providers and cover travel costs.

Other activities will include training to boost employment and employability and overcome gaps, shortages and mismatches between skills.

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