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C/Albert Einstein Einstein (Pol. Ind. Santa Margarida), 50
08223, Terrassa

Tel.: +34 93 731 87 55
E-mail: info@tecstar-fiber.com

Tecstar is a fiber that is part of the ADI Group. We are a producer of our own flame retardant fiber with a LOI of 42%, unique in the market. This fiber can be applied in a wide variety of markets: personal protection, construction, automotive, aeronautics, filtration and decoration.

Tecstar consists of 4 employees within the entire ADI Group organization. We offer fiber, yarn, fabric and no woven fabric. It is an innovative fiber and offers superior characteristics to meta-aramid.

Main characteristics:

– A fiber with one of the highest LOI in the technical fiber market: 42% LOI.

– Antistatic, antibacterial and antimicrobial.

– It does not melt, does not cream, does not drip, but carbonise.

– A super absorbent fiber; absorbs up to 40% of its weight.

– Classified according to French standards M1 and F0. It does not transmit toxic fumes. It generates almost no fumes.

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