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C/Mestre Francesc Vila, 15 B
E-08296 Castellbell i el Vilar

Tel.: +34 93 834 01 99
E-mail: operacions@technitiger.com

Technitiger S.L. develops and manufactures state-of-the-art fabrics primarily designed to protect people from the risk of burns due to thermal stresses.

We are an engineering and operations company in such a way that, from defining the customers’ needs, we develop fabrics suitable for them.

Once the product has been defined, we look for the most suitable materials and manufacture them to be delivered to the customer in the state in which they are required, so that we cover all their needs (level of protection, quality, service, etc.).

We always use inherent flame retardant materials.

Technitiger, S.L. is a company committed to sustainability, developing personal protective products in three different lines:

  • Increasing the useful life of protective equipment, using fibers such as PBI.
  • Incorporating recycled material in its protection articles, incorporating at least 25% recycled material.
  • Developing protective clothing from a circular economy process and incorporating a minimum of 30% of fibers from the used piece in the new piece.

Our main market is Europe.

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