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Camí de la Fou, 25
E- 08640 Olesa de Montserrat 

Tel.: +34 937 78 71 85
E-mail: sostenibilidad@sedatex.com

SEDATEX is a company dedicated to the manufacture of textile products and textile finishing (printing and dyeing).

SEDATEX is the company that distributes these finished fabrics and includes Unitex, S.A. which is the productive unit (Unitex, S.A. produces the textile finishing that Sedatex sells).

In total, we count on the support of a team of approximately 400 workers.

We work mainly with fashion fabrics, made of viscose, cotton, linen and 100% polyester fabrics, as well as mixtures between those fabrics and elastane.

In the field of product certification we are OCS, GRS, FSC, European Flax – certified.

We work 24 hours, 5 days a week, but before Covid it was on a 24/7 basis.

Our products are mainly tailored for fashion / clothing applications, however we also own lining and technical fabrics for industrial and medical end-uses.

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