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C/ Joan Monpeó, 30
E-08223 Terrassa

Tel.: +34 93 783 89 11
E-mail: egarfil@egarfil.com

Spinning of combed wool with more than 50 years of experience.

Capacity to manufacture thick yarns Nm. 4 to thin yarns Nm. 65, with 1 or several heads.

Classic and advanced yarns.

We possess our own dyeing plant (EMTEXSA) for dyeing yarns on bobbins, skeins and combed yarns.

Our entire production process is local (Catalonia area).

We are specialized in manufacturing yarns tailored customer’s needs.

70% of our customers are abroad.

We manufacture yarns for multiple textile applications: for automotive upholstery (coveralls and train), for decorative upholstery, for thermal and protective underwear, yarns for paint spools, for socks, for sweaters, for sewing wool, etc.

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