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Articles tècnics de niló, S.L. – PROLINEBARCELONA


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Carrer de Frederic Soler, 57
E-08224 Terrassa

Tel. +34 937 88 42 56
E-mail: prolinebarcelona@prolinebarcelona.com

At Articles tècnics de niló, S.L. – PROLINEBARCELONA we design and manufacture high quality textile, technical and nylon products and other raw materials.

We are specialized in pressotherapy textile equipment, but we also manufacture products from many other sectors. We have been offering solutions tailored to the needs of our customers for over 25 years.

The process is comprehensive, ranging from the design and technical development, pattern making and prototyping, to the manufacturing of the product, packaging, and delivery.

We collaborate with design companies that translate into reality designs made by computer, or projects that directly need textile design. Several of the projects developed have been awarded.

We are a company involved in the manufacturing of high-quality products, therefore, we always try to acquire high-quality raw materials, since this coupled with the design, preparation and manufacturing will result in a high-quality technical product.


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