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Carrer Josep Uró, 1
Pol. Ind. Salelles II
E-08253 Sant Salvador de Guardiola

E-mail: info@maccion.com

Maccion implements industry 4.0 solutions to improve production and logistics processes by taking advantage of the most advanced technologies and with extensive experience in industrial organization techniques.

On the one hand, Maccion offers management systems that improve processes and operations in factories and warehouses and, on the other hand, provides technical and business support in the transition to the smart factory. Expertise in Lean methodologies and technologies that enable Industry 4.0 and help ensure the success of the projects to be implemented.

Success stories include production control systems, traceability and logistics management, maintenance 4.0 and intelligent documentation. The same smart sensors and data collection platform allow the entire value chain to be controlled in an innovative, economical and unobtrusive way.

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