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Raval de Sant Rafael, 21
E-43470 La Selva del Camp

Tel.: +34 977 84 40 00
E-mail: ventas@laindustrialalgodonera.com 

At LIASA we manufacture braided cords, elastic cords, polypropylene yarns and ribbons. We offer customized solutions, differentiated and innovative, for a wide range of sectors such as Graphic Arts, Packaging, Clothing, Industry/Technical or Agriculture, among others. We tailor our offer to the needs of our customers and the application. We work with materials such as paper, cotton, polypropylene, polyester, natural materials, etc. Our 15,000 m² factory has more than 900 state-of-the-art machines and is adapted to novel materials, as well as to the most innovative production processes.

We stand out for: being specialized in finishing and tailor-made solutions; being manufacturers of personalized products tailored to the client, contributing to the environment by manufacturing with recycled and recyclable materials; participating in circular economy projects such as “New plastic product made with waste from the textile industry” of AEI Tèxtils, in which we recycle polypropylene waste to manufacture new products.

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