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C/Roures, s/n Pol. Ind. La Coromina
08660 Balsareny

Tel.: +34 93 820 08 26
E-mail: j.nadal@glasscom.es

We are focused on the manufacture of fabrics and composites of fabrics and nonwoven for the composite sector (FRC, Fiber reinforced Composites) based mainly on glass fiber.

We focus our efforts and resources on the manufacture of tailor-made products for each customer and application, analyzing the process and final product to define the best possible product for each case.

We currently have 40 employees with an average annual growth of 15% in the last 4 years.

We are focused on manufacturing tailor-made products for each customer and application.

We have participated and are currently participating in R+D+I projects, prioritizing the development of the territory in the first instance and European suppliers in the second instance.

We prioritize quality and seek to improve our customers’ costs by improving and optimizing their processes.

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