Circular.Tè project came to an end with an event to present the most outstanding results obtained


On April 12 the closing event of the project CIRCULAR.Tè was celebrated. The project was coordinated by AEI Tèxtils and Fundació FITEX, with the support of the with the financial support from the Waste Agency of Catalonia and the collaboration of ELISAVA, INTEXTER-UPC and MODACC.

The aim of the event was to present the most outstanding results achieved by the project and to make the developed tools available to those people who may be interested in them, such as design students, designers, etc.

Thus, the event served to present the library of waste samples, which from now on will be available in physical format both in ELISAVA and INTEXTER-UPC and FITEX. The library will also be available on the Marketplace of the project website. The project culminates with a study where these textile wastes are defined and some examples of their application, collected in the Hackathon that took place last year, are presented.

The event, held at ELISAVA, began with a brief summary of the actions of the project and the current legislative situation regarding textile waste, by Clara Mallart, from the Area of Sustainability and Circular Economy at FITEX.

Next, Dr. Marta González, Coordinator of the Materials and Sustainability Area at ELISAVA, summarized the projects that are being carried out by the school related to materials. To give a more specific view on the textile materials involved in the project, Dr. Marta Casadesús, Project Manager at AEI Tèxtils, detailed their main characteristics.

The company Proline Barcelona, member of AEI Tèxtils, and specialized in the manufacture of pressotherapy equipment, explained their participation in the project, giving as an example their production process, how they generate their textile waste and what projects they have planned to recycle it.

Some of the students participating in the Hackathon also explained their experience and showed their projects with recycled textile materials as the basis for their designs.

The event ended with an open question and answer session and the possibility of consulting the physical library of materials.

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